The Woke Derma Roller


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The Woke Derma Roller is used on the area you want to help stimulate hair follicle growth. The small micro needles trick your brain into thinking the area is injured. This triggers additional blood flow and causes the area to become flush. This process helps the facial hair follicles get the blood, collagen, biotin and other much needed nutrient to grow.


Promote facial blood circulation
Stimulate hair follicles during sleep
Promote Men’s Beard Growth

Can restore hairlines or light edges
Works better with beard oil
You can use the roller alone for skin care
Helps eliminate wrinkles, improve skin brightness and prevent sun damage


How To Use:

Wash your skin and beard before microneedling. 

Roll 10 times crossways, left, right, and down on your neck area.

Try not to apply a lot of pressure when you roll over your skin to avoid sore irritation. Keep to a medium pressure.

NOTE: When rolling, lift the roller instead of just twisting it to a new direction.

After completing the needling process, your skin will look red due to the increase in blood flow to that specific area.  Give time for your skin to settle & things should return to normal in 5-10 minutes.

During the micro needling process, if you feel pain or discomfort, stop it immediately.

1-2 times a week micro-needling care, 10 times as a course of treatment, it is recommended to use more than 2 courses of continuous effect is good

We also recommend using our specially formulated Woke Premium Beard Oil  to support your beard growth mission by allowing the roller to glide down the face while it is being used, and can also help to relieve any discomfort that you might experience.


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