Pick Any 3 Subjects

$300 for all 3 subjects

-Fundamental fading techniques

-Separate yourself from the pack ( find out secrets on how to attract clientele specific to your situation)

-Shape up 101

-Perfect beard shaping and sculpting

-Barber brand evaluation ( Social media evaluation & business presence)

-T-outliner modified blade setting (bring in your clippers or purchase modified clippers for $100)

-Effective Communication skills (Knowing what to say & how to say it is key!)

Skin + Scalp + Face

$300 for all 3 subjects

-Scalp treatment

-Ingrown hair removal

-Facial demonstration

Shadow For 1 Day

$450 for a full day

-Shadow Fe for one full day in the studio to see techniques up close and person.

Important Notes

– All class session appointments will be negotiated with both parties

– Group rates are negotiable

– You may Skype, Phone call, or FaceTime if out of town

-Full payment is done prior to class for Skype, Phone call, or FaceTime

-Classes last no longer than 4 hours

Questions? Contact me
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